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Format ESS
.ess, .xml
version 0.9

"media" definition

To present an event, after fundamental description, it is often necessary to define several media files that represent the event. An event's media files are represented in ESS through three <item> element "type" attributes :

event image icon event sound icon event video icon event website url icon





Define event images URLs.

Define event sounds URLs.

Defined event videos URLs.

Defined event website URLs.

ESS <media> structure

ESS documents are composed by various main XML elements. ESS processors must consider each and every element's descriprion as valid and applicable to each and every other XML element within the same ESS document. If it is not the case, it belong to an other <ess> feed to describe this event parameter.
Example: every <prices> items must be valid and applicable to every <dates> and <places> items within the same <ess> feed.

<media> XML element (ess:media) is an optionnal structure within ESS Documents, it is not a mandatory ESS XML element.
This section describe the representation of the event with media files. <media> (ess:media) XML element, if it is defined, must be composed by, at least, one <item> (ess:item) XML element.
Several <item> elements can be defined within <media> XML structure to better represent the current event.

Media <item @attibutes>

Name Description Type Required
type The "type" attribute can take four values: "image", "sound", "video" or "website" to represent each type of media file that can represent the event. ESS Processors should consider that "image" is the default attribute if it is not specified. String TRUE
priority The "priority" attribute refer to the order and the preference to applied to each <item> XML element. ESS processors should consider the natural position as the priority if this attribute is not defined. Number FALSE

Media <item> childs elements

Name Description Type Required
<name> Language-sensitive media file name. Should not be longer then 64 chars String TRUE
<uri> Define media file URL in URI taxonomy. The file format, according to <item> type attribute, should be a web readable format: images (jpg, gif, png), sound (wav, mp3, ogg), video (mp4, 3gp, mpg) URI RFC2396 TRUE
<description> This optional XML element contains the specific media file description. Using HTML tags inside this XML element is possible but should be reduced to the minimum because ESS processors could use this information in an environment that can not read HTML. String FALSE

ESS media sample

DTD description

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE ess PUBLIC "-//ESS//DTD" "">
<ess xmlns="" version="0.9" lang="en">
        <!-- 1 | Event image -->
        <item type="image" priority="1">
           <name>Main event image</name>
        <!--  Event sound  -->
        <item type="sound"  priority="2">
           <name>Radio spot</name>
        <!--  Event video -->
        <item type="video"  priority="3">
           <name>Youtube video</name>
        <!--  Event wesite url -->
        <item type="website"  priority="4">
           <name>Website URL</name>


ESS Forum Discussion > Media

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External documentation

Ietf logo.png

ESS standard under RFC validation process: RFC ESS Draft

  • RFC 2396 : Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI)
  • RFC 3076 : Canonical XML Version 1.0
  • RFC 3987 : Internationalized Resource Identifiers


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